Gift Horse

'Thoughts on a saying that needs to be updated for the adventurous minded among us.'

Gift Horse - Short Story


Turns Out They Were Right

'Life lessons and growing up for the modern man child of the WHO ME? generation.'

Turns out they were right - Short Story


Holestrom Manor

Holestrom Manor is a supernatural crime scene being investigated by a team of unusual and similarly supernatural investigators who work for a secret government branch known only as C.O.V.E.N. After discovering a Woman in White of destructive force in the home of a local politician two of C.O.V.E.N.’s best, Rodent and Mercy, are sent in to explore and detain the phenomenon. Follow them through the secrets of the house as they discover what love and revenge can look like if it is not laid to rest.

Holestrom Manner - Short Story

No Beast so Fierce

No Beast so Fierce is a fantasy short in which we see a hunter stalk his prey and the lengths that he will go to, to prove that he is the predator and not the prey. The hunter finds himself in a cat and mouse stand off where he has to make a decision that will only change his life, but the lives of those people he holds most dear. Discover the fantastical world of the hunter and his prey in No Beast so Fierce.

No Beast So Fierce - Short Story


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