Emissary - new planet, new rules, new fear.

Emissary by T A Newman

Emissary is a bi-monthly Sci-Fi adventure where you can read a new chapter for FREE every other month!

Each new chapter will be from a different characters point of view making the plot a point of perspective as the world of Emissary reveals itself to you the reader.

Emissary is the story of mankind’s survival and a vessel that is designed to carry hundreds of thousands of souls in cryo-sleep. Only the ship has found a viable planet and has begun waking up the response team crew members to scout the planet and find out its secrets. Turns out the planets surface isn’t the only one with secrets that they are trying to keep to themselves.

Expect wonder, mystery and mayhem as the last remnants of humanity battle for their new home and against each other.

A new chapter will be uploaded every two months, so stay tuned for more Sci-Fi survival adventures!

Chapter 1 - Voss

E-Book version here

Chapter 2 - Neil

E-Book version here

Chapter 3 - Elliot

E-Book version here

Chapter 4 - Lewis

E-Book version here

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