I live in Devon with my wife, where we both work as teachers. I am a Drama teacher for secondary and college students where I direct a Shakespearean performance for the Shakespeare Schools Festival each year, which is debuted at the Phoenix Theatre in Exeter. The element of teaching drama I love so much is being able to create and tell stories through emotive experiences.

Before becoming a teacher I worked as a professional actor touring the UK and internationally in a variety of productions. I had always written short stories, poems, monologues and plays, even filming the occasional short film, but until now I had not written anything as in-depth or fully imagined as Grimoire - A Wayward Tale.

I trained at Drama Studio London after gaining a degree in Drama at Aberystwyth University. Even looking back to college where I studied the Performing Arts and school before that, I have always been obsessed with listening to stories and telling stories. It has been a creative outlet that has allowed me to maintain my sanity and enjoy playing with the rich tapestry of character and plot, seeing what I am willing to make my characters say or do and how in the bitter end they cope with the demons I have let loose upon them.

I have learnt my craft of writing as all writers have, writing by myself, then writing some more, then re-writing what I have written. I was also been lucky enough to have parents who are avid readers. I was inspired to read and have many worlds and characters to explore each night before bed and if I was being particularly lazy at a weekend, even a few chapters in the morning form the comfort of my bed.

Knowing I had a desire to develop my writing I have taken to the role of student on many writing courses, both online and as evening classes at colleges and universities. The class I remember getting the most from was a led by a published author who offered to read my work and give feedback. I asked her to read a short story and it was the first time anyone had read my work without an emotional connection and biased opinion. It was her positive reaction that informed me that what I really wanted was to have people reading my stories and deciding whether they liked them or not with me being no part of the equation. I wanted my work to stand up for itself and this novel is that opportunity.

Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope you enjoy the sample chapter.

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